11 September 2006

In other news, a spade dislikes being called a spade.

From the BBC:
Ex-England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson has had enough of being labelled a failure, according to Uefa president and fellow Swede Lennart Johansson.

Johansson says Eriksson pulled out of being a guest speaker at the Fifa international football symposium in Berlin because of severe criticism.

"He has had enough," said Johansson. "He thinks that people have been saying how incompetent he is.

. . . .

The 58-year-old Swede was castigated in some quarters after earning a reported £25m during his five years at the helm.

Former England skipper Terry Butcher claimed Eriksson left the team "no further forward than when he was appointed".

. . . .

Johansson added: "He has his money and will still try to have his pride, instead of standing here in Berlin with nobody listening to him because he failed to bring the World Cup to England."

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