11 September 2006

In Today's Careers Corner: Pentecostal Ministry Pays Well in Nigeria

Also from the BBC:
The $55m estate of Timothy Olufemi Akanni came to the attention of the authorities after his two widows rowed about who should inherit it.

It was only after his death in a plane crash last October that it was discovered he had a secret second wife.

The ex-electoral commission director's assets now pass to the state.

Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) made the seizures through an order it obtained from the High Court in the capital, Abuja.

The BBC's Sola Odunfa in Lagos says the forfeited assets include 23 bank accounts in various names; shares in leading Nigerian banks; houses and land in the most sought-after parts of Lagos and Abuja; schools in Abuja and a variety of motor vehicles.

Our correspondent says Mr Akanni, who was a Pentecostal Church pastor in Abuja, was eulogised at his death for being a patriotic and selfless Nigerian.

Presumably, we should all expect e-mails in coming weeks from the EFCC requesting our assistance in transferring these funds into our personal bank accounts.

The article goes on to note that "The posthumous discovery of his second wife and fortune has shocked many of his friends and family." Yes, it will come as a surprise to mine as well when I go. My secret marriages they'll probably just take in stride, but my secret fortune? No one will see that coming.

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