27 November 2006

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Blawg, Blawg, Blawg!

Peter Black, an Australian law professor, gives his American compatriots the long Thanksgiving weekend off by hosting the eighty-fifth edition of Blawg Review at his Freedom to Differ blog. Highlights in this week's issue include The Ashes, Welsh Dragon Sausages, and home invasions by police. Not included but nonetheless worth noting was the ever-anonymous Blawg Review Editor's spirited defense of the neologism "blawg" and those "morons" who coined it.

Despite his blog's title, Black's effort did not differ from the consistently excellent hosting Blawg Review has enjoyed from week-to-week; I make no predictions about next week, however, when I host issue number eighty-six here at Infamy or Praise.

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