02 November 2006

Domo arrigato gozaimasu! Please come again!

My understanding is that employees of frequently-robbed businesses like banks, bars, restaurants, and convenience stores generally are instructed not to resist a robbery attempt or even to interact with the robber more than absolutely is required. Whether things are just different in Japan or whether this is a tale of one waitress' initiative, I can't say:
Police are looking for a robber who held up a noodle bar in western Japan then paid for his meal and waited for his change before making off.

The young man ate a bowl of "ramen" noodles and a side order of fried chicken at a restaurant in the city of Osaka on Wednesday then produced a knife and forced a waitress to hand over takings of 46,000 yen ($393), the Sports Nippon newspaper said.

When the woman demanded he pay for his meal, the robber gave her 1,000 yen and waited for his 100 yen change before running away, the paper said.

Ask and ye shall receive, I suppose.

Although the article is bit sketchy on the details of the incident, it sounds as though he stiffed her on the tip. If that's the case, he probably shouldn't expect top-flight service the next time he dines at that noodle bar.

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