02 November 2006

Project Valour-IT Update: Have Numbers, Lack Tagline

"Jon Carry" managed to avoid putting his foot in his mouth today.

While this may be good for Democratic candidates nationwide, it's bad for me now that it comes time to theme this Project Valour-IT fundraising update. Rather than trying desperately to fill some dead air and risk botching a joke, I'll just move right along to the numbers:

Blackfive, et al. on the Army team have now passed the $15,000.00 mark (better than one-third of the way along toward the team's goal of $45,000.00); the combined effort now accounts for nearly $57,000.00 in contributions for Soldiers' Angels' Project Valour-IT.

Go Army, beat Navy!

Actually, since this is a worthy cause which benefits injured soldiers regardless of their branch of service, go Navy, too! And Air Force! And Marines!

Go everyone, beat al Qaeda!

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