13 November 2006

Election Day Hangover -- Please Blawg Quietly

Rick Hasen's Election Law blog hosts the eighty-third edition of Blawg Review. Hasen completes the carnival's Election Day bookend posts with a roundup of reaction to and analysis of the historic Democratic victory in the midterm vote.

Demonstrating once again that you can't spell "analysis" without "anal", observers and pundits affiliated with both parties are dissecting the 2006 vote in search of patterns, problems, and political ammunition. The many legal bloggers collected in this week's excellent issue are a more informative, less shrill alternative to the talking (and blogging) heads you'll find elsewhere. Highlights of this week's Blawg Review include election-related problems (some of which occurred, unsurprisingly, in Florida), the pros and cons of divided government, and the probable impact of the election on the law. Some other stuff happened last week, and Blawg Review has that covered as well.

Having spent Election Day in Disneyland, I found it difficult to worry about the state of American democracy, or anything else for that matter. You can take my undergraduate degree in Political Science away for saying this, but this year I'm going to let others do my worrying for me! I for one welcome our new Democratic overlords!

Next week, we'll take a page from Prince's book as the Transcending Gender blog hosts Blawg Review no. 84.

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