11 November 2006

Project Valour-IT Update: Veterans' Day

The Veterans' Day fundraising drive for Project Valour-IT is nearing its close and I'm pleased to report that both Blackfive's Army-affiliated team and the overall effort have exceeded their respective goals!

The Army team has, at the time of this post, raised $46,030.00, exceeding its objective by $1,030.00; the four branches combined have raised $181,170.00, exceeding their fundraising goal by $1,170.00. Congratulations are due all who contributed to this very worthy effort, but especially to the leaders, members, and supports of the Marines' team, which has raised nearly $52,000.00!

My heartfelt thanks again to those of you who contributed via Infamy or Praise!

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DebraJMSmith said...

I thought you may like to read this speech that was given to over 250 veterans: http://www.guyrandalladams.com/vet.html