05 January 2007

29 and Holding

An entertaining political quiz is making the rounds (see here and here). It's a dozen years old now and shows its age in spots -- one of the questions asks about former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders and another, concerning acceptance of gay marriage or its equivalent, is probably less an ideological bellwether now than it was in 1994 -- but it's entertaining nonetheless. I'm a 29, which I think equates to solidly conservative and which puts me between Bush 41 and Jack Kemp on the political spectrum.

UPDATE: Professors Reynolds and Volokh have also linked to the test (although I'm sure Infamy or Praise is responsible for a much higher percentage of click-though traffic), but think that it's "pretty dumb" and "especially flawed", respectively. I don't really disagree with them about that, and perhaps they'd agree with me that "pretty dumb" and "especially flawed" things can be "entertaining nonetheless", as I remarked about the quiz. Let's just make it Exhibit C after Exhibits A and B -- Paris Hilton and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

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