22 May 2008

Hoy, decidía aprender español.

I think that post title means "Today, I decided to learn Spanish." I'll find out later, I suppose.

Spanish is a very useful language to know these days, particularly so if one lives in California. Frankly, for any number of personal and professional reasons, I should've learned it some time ago. So, after all this time, what's finally tipped the balance?

In short, my ham-handed mousing.

It's somewhat disquieting to try to ship an urgent package when, for the second or third time in recent memory, I've inadvertently selected my location at the FedEx site as "U.S.A.-Español" rather than "U.S.A." To prevent this circumstance from hampering me in the future, I'll just learn a foreign language. That seems like the most sensible course of action.

All in all, I should be grateful that it's just Spanish. If the webmasters at FedEx had decided to put Hungarian or Urdu or something else at that spot in their menu, I would've had to do something drastic like switch overnight accounts.

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