20 May 2008

Woo Who!

Doctor Who (shown on the Sci-Fi channel and BBC America) is the best show on television, bar none.

The guiding force behind the relaunched series has been Russell T Davies and there's been a considerable amount of angst amongst the show's considerable fan base concerning the future direction of the program when Davies leaves for new challenges. Fear not, it seems.

The Beeb has announced that Steven Moffat has been named to succeed Davies starting next season. Moffat wrote every episode of the wonderful Coupling romantic comedy series, which still shows on BBC America and hasn't aged badly at all. He wrote the immensely creepy and entertaining Jekyll miniseries which showed over here last year. A Doctor Who fan since childhood, Moffat has also written for the new series the award-winning episodes "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances", "The Girl in the Fireplace", and "Blink" (which remains one of the most frightening programs I've ever seen on Doctor Who or any other show). In addition to these regular episodes, he's penned one-off programs like the recent "Time Crash" (which linked-up David Tennant's current Tenth Doctor with Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor) and the 1999 Comic Relief parody of/homage to Doctor Who, "The Curse of the Fatal Death".

With Doctor Who in safe hands for the foreseeable future, I can now turn my attention to less important matters like world peace and global warming.

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