20 May 2008

Portrait of a Lady's Legal Blog Review

...or, Self-Submission is the Best Submission

Like Madonna, Ruthie gets by with just a single name; unlike Madonna, she's answered the anonymous Blawg Review Editor's call. She hosts (well, hostesses) Blawg Review #160 this week at her Ruthie's Law blog. Highlights include a legal poetry slam, securing the misery of marriage for same-sex couples, and thoughts about barristers cut down in a hail of gunfire. Next week, Mirko Bagaric hosts the carnival of legal blogging at his Moral Dilemma site.

UPDATE: Rather than face a Moral Dilemma over the upcoming (in America at least) holiday weekend, we at Blawg Review have instead opted to go with Stephen Albainy-Jenai over at the Patent Baristas blog for next Monday's #161. Please note, however, that this late substitution is not intended to imply any degree of immorality or moral conflict on the parts of Stephen Albainy-Jenai or anyone associated with the Patent Baristas blog.

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