08 September 2008

A Literacy Day Event to Write Home About

When it comes to legal literacy, Hanna Hasl-Kelchner has literally written the book. It's fitting, then, that she hosts Blawg Review #176 at her Legal Literacy blog on International Literacy Day. She notes:
Today, September 8th, is International Literacy Day. We typically think of the 3 Rs (reading, writing and ‘rithmetic) as a minimum requirement for literacy yet millions of people throughout the world are still denied this basic education. To address the problem the United Nations issued a General Assembly resolution ushering in the United Nations Literacy Decade and reaffirming every individual’s unalienable right to education.

Hasl-Kelchner offers the best of last week's legal blogging for those of us who aren't still hooked on phonics. Highlights include blogging your way to the top of the Google rankings, reading comically bad copyright propaganda, and tasking a think tank to revamp dispute resolution.

Anita Campbell hosts Blawg Review next week at her Small Business Trends blog.

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