13 August 2009

Our Baby's All Groweds-Up!

If you've not yet taken some time to read Tim Kevan's entertaining Blawg Review #224, hosted at the BabyBarista blog on TimesOnline, what the heck are you waiting for? Go now and do it, and when you've done with that, go read Kevan's BabyBarista novel, BabyBarista and The Art of War, which I reviewed favorably here last week. Highlights of BabyBarista and The Art of Blawg Review include reaching the end of one's pupillage application tether and wondering whether the legal practise course is worthwhile at all, the significance of presidents who golf and dogs who surf, and lawyers and judges abusing their power in fiction and -- tragically -- in reality as well. Michael Atkins will host the next edition of Blawg Review on Monday at his Seattle Trademark Lawyer blog.

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