10 April 2006

Blawg Review Celebrates an Anniversary in Style

There was an Esq. from Beantown
My "haiku" often made him frown
Perhaps this limerick
Will do just the trick
To bring his Review some renown

One of my favorite legal bloggers, David Giacalone, hosts the fifty-second edition of Blawg Review and does so with his trademark poetic and visual sensibilities. Giacalone's many blogging incarnations -- as general pundit, haiku guru, and ethical legal practice authority -- make his site one of the more varied and interesting reads available. In appreciation for his outstanding work this week, I'll not inflict another "haiku" upon him.

This week's host reminds us that this issue marks an auspicious occasion -- the first anniversary of Blawg Review. Congratulations are due and gratefully offered to the Anonymous Blawg Review Editor for his/her/its tremendous efforts over the past twelve months!

Professor James Edward Maule kicks off the second year of Blawg Review next week when he hosts the fifty-third issue at his MauledAgain blog.


david giacalone said...

For a minute, I thought my Mother had written another nice review of my weblog. However, she knows I never lived in Beantown (Cambridge, Washington, Rochester, Schenectady, yes, but never Boston). Thus, I can only conclude that it really was the Editor of this weblog who said these nice things and blessedly refrained from haikuicide. Thank you, Colin!

Colin Samuels said...

As a Left-Coaster, I figured Cambridge was close enough to "Beantown" for a first-thing-Monday-morning limerick. Perhaps if I'd put a bit more thought into it, I could have found a nice rhyme for "schenectady", but lack of thought is what Infamy or Praise is all about!

david giacalone said...

So far, no one has found a rhyme for Schenectady, but I'd love to hear your attempts. Naturally, I respect your intellectual traditions.

Despite the factual error, I did enjoy your limerick AND you non-haiku.

How about:

There once was an Esq from DC
My "haiku" often made him queasy