08 January 2007

Don't Stop the Carnival

This week, Raymond Ward hosts Blawg Review #90 at his Minor Wisdom blog. This is another exceptional Blawg Review which demonstrates the strengths of both the blog forum and carnival format. Ward presents a broad collection of timely, informative, and entertaining links and stamps the whole thing with his own sensibilities, organizing it around the themes of the carnival season in his hometown, New Orleans.

The result does justice (one of the carnival themes, after all) to a great week at the legal end of blogosphere. Highlights include the Mayberry Sheriff Department's protection of Fourth Amendment rights, unsuccessful use of Hitler references in pickup lines, and overstaying your regal welcome.

Next week, Greg Worthern of the Public Defender Stuff blog has his work cut out for him when he hosts Blawg Review #91 after three weeks of Blawg Review goodness from the majorly-wise Raymond Ward, a lone mummer, and Santa Claus. Not to worry, though -- Worthen is already mobilizing the troops for his presentation on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The carnival never stops.

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